Aldi Trinidad Scorpion Pigs in Blankets

Product Review

At just £2.29 a pack (240g) these are well worth a try. You get 12 ‘Red Tractor’ approved little sausages wrapped in bacon, and the pack tells us it is all made form 100% British pork. Good start from the German oulet.

I cooked the gluten-free sausage-ettes in the oven as per pack instructions, which took a little over half hour to get them as I like them (with the bacon beginning to crisp).

The bite-sized treats tasted really good. The sausage meat wasn’t too loose, nor to ‘wheaty’. And the bacon did not unravel from the sausage either, which is always a bonus.

The Scorpion heat (circa 2m SHU) never gets to full power. Instead you get a meaty product which is not overpowered for the sake of it. And I liked that. We’ve seen sausages recently containing Scorps AND reaper AND naga – and they were just overkill. These little porky delights were so much more enjoyable for controlling the potency of chilli within the flavour.

My question is ‘how would I use these’? We know pigs in blankets are a bit of a Christmas dinner favourite, but with chilli? I’d be happy to have them next to my sprouts, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure the festive purists would. They would definitely work well on a hot buffet platter, and as a snacking novelty. Good job Aldi.

Taste – 8 out of 10
Heat – 6 out of 10