Champions League Chugging

This week I saw on Instagram that the League of Fire announced a great new competition format, available for anyone to get involved in, if you’re quick.

The Chug Challenge bottle is available from L.O.F. website: and if you decide to chug your sauce from a L.O.F. glass, you can receive a discount when buying the items together online. These are LIMITED EDITION though – once they’re gone, that’s it.

Created and Designed by Hot Pods, and using Armageddon’s from Love My Chillies the concept is simple. All the rules are on the bottles’ label:
Your chugging must be video’d without edits. You must be seen opening the seal of the bottle. Pour half into a clear glass, drink and wait 3 mins. Repeat, then upload your vid to the League of Fire website to gain ranking points.
Easy huh!? … nah. Let’s take a look at what’s in the 100ml phial of fire. Lemon Juice, Armageddon Chillies – 37.2% of them – white wine vinegar, sugar, salt, white pepper. That’s it, nothing to kid you that it won’t hurt.

The bottle tells you to shake before use, personally I’d be shaking at the thought of even trying it, (lame as I am) and I’m sure others will be too, as they break that seal and hit their ‘record’ button.

As a fun aside, the Chug Challenge also invites you to snap your contorted face as your tongue squirms its way around that citrus/vinegar/chilli combo. Pretty little chilli-head, that you are.

I think one of the other things that comes to mind with a challenge like this is that it should guarantee consistency.
This Chug Challenge stuff is all mashed together at the same time and dumped into 200 bottles – so every single one should contain the same concentration of ingredients, whether you drink it today in England or next month in Wales, everyone is getting the same product – taking an identical challenge.

Good luck Chuggers, and good work League of Fire, Hotpods and Love My Chillies.