Chef Bernie’s Banana Ketchup

Product Review

Cartoon ‘Bernie’ on the logo tells us that the contents of this bottle (250g) is ‘a product like no other’. It claims to be good for anything from Sausages to Ice Cream, so I was interested to find out what I was letting myself in for when I unwrapped the seal and popped the lid.

Ginger and nutmeg hit the nose before I dipped my spoon in. The taste I got was different again. While the smell was nutmeg and ginger, the initial flavour was more clove and citrus (from lemon juice).

The sauce is real thick – you’d need to smack the base of the bottle to encourage it out – but the flavour is sooo light and fresh, and the paste almost melted away on my tongue.

My cartoon host was right – I can imagine this on ice cream for sure, and it’d be welcome on the side of a bbq platter for sausages, wings, chicken etc.

I went back for seconds, thirds and more just to satisfy my curiosity of how those ingredients were interacting. There was very little hint of actual ‘nana to be honest, but it was a superb conduit for all the other things going on in the bottle. Nice spice balance and definitely ‘a product like no other’!

Taste – 8 out of 10