Chef Bernie’s Jerk Sauce

Product Review

Bernie’s ‘heatometer’ graphic on the bottle was heading toward the red end of the scale, which told me I was in for a kick with this Jerk sauce, as you might expect.

On-brand with Bernie’s Tomato Ketchup and Banana Ketchup the Jerk sauce arrived in its tall 250g bottle, adorned with Cartoon Bernie telling us to use this on meat, fish and anything else you wanted to liven up. And the contents were equally as thick as those two ‘chups, so I spooned out a sample from the wide neck of the bottle.

The smell was typically ‘jerk-like’, possibly leaning more towards tomato than other Jerk Sauces out there. But garlic, and the combo of thyme & nutmeg still came through.

On to the taste. Tomato first, and then, while I considered what other flavours were coming through, the sauce disperses across my mouth, melting away to leave a beautiful peppery warmth from scotch bonnet on the front of my tongue, with the spices and herbs dancing away in there. The taste lingers and lingers. And this was just one small sample, my first taste! The cyder vinegar was present, offering almost a citrus-like wave throughout. This Jerk sauce was sweet, spicy, herby and peppery – everything you’d want, held together in a tomato-like paste which coats your tastebuds. Very enjoyable indeed.

Taste – 9 out of 10
Heat – 7 out of 10