Chef Bernie’s Special Reserve Extra Hot Sauce

Product Review

Bernie’s consciously adapted the branding of this bottle, identifying this sauce as something a bit special. The classy black label on the 100g bottle is textured with a rough finish. It’s a metallic substrate which nicely picks out the light to catch your eye.

The sauce is a vibrant, fiery, reddish, gingerish, rusty colour. There’s bits of this and slithers of that as I look into the contents through the glass bottle. It seems angry with me.
The chilli content of Bernie’s Very Hot sauce was 42% Scotch Bonnet. This one has slightly less – 38% Scotch Bonnet…BUT… it ups the ante with a full 11% of Trinidad Scorpions thrown in for good measure. This is going to burn, and the needle on the ‘heatometer’ graphic agrees, bursting out of the red end on the scale.

Oh well, it’s what I’m here for… let’s open her up. With a shake of the bottle, I unscrew the cap and inhale. As expected I get the Bonnets and little else on the nose.
I drip a bit of the sauce onto my spoon and taste. Still predominantly scotch bonnet, which works well for me. There’s more depth to this than the ‘Very Hot’ version. Its more bitter, more salty, less sweet and slightly more potent.
This Extra Hot sauce would be used in the same way as I’d use the ‘Very Hot’. It’s probably too much for me (personally) to stick on my nachos, but I would happily use it on meat, in spag bols, marinades and the like, and it’d actually come into its own on wings or as a base for a fiery pizza sauce.

Good branding, good flavour, good product.

Taste – 7 out of 10
Heat – 9 out of 10