Chef Bernie’s Very Hot Sauce

Product Review

The Bernie ‘heatometer’ needle sits squarely in the middle of the red segment warning me that this is going to test my chilli tolerance levels. Nevertheless I opened the 100g bottle which sat dwarfed by comparison to Bernies 250g Ketchup bottles also on my table.

The contents were bright orange in colour and with bits of red pepper (scotch bonnet) clinging to the glass inside. I unscrewed the black cap and got hit in the face by 42% Scotch Bonnet.

Onto my spoon dripped the nectar, slowly. It wasn’t too runny not too thick. Into the mouth, and I didn’t have to wait long for the peppers to take effect. Straight away that distinctive Scotch Bonnet heat engulfed my tongue – at first around the sides, then the tip, and in no time at all my entire mouth was salivating. I love the taste of these peppers, they’re my personal favourite. And I know not to underestimate them too! This was a ‘very hot’ sauce, just as the label told me. But it was also a very good sauce.
Those that have high heat thresholds would use this liberally on their chips, I would use it carefully in sandwiches, steaks and with cheeses, but I’d also add it to other sauces/dishes to add a measured punch of Scotch Bonnet. Good job!

Taste – 8 out of 10
Heat – 9 out of 10