Chilli Art by Amy Lee


A retired Watford (UK) accountant is enjoying a new lease of life as an artist with a focus on the spicy side of life.

Amy Lee, 56, was born in Rangoon in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and accompanied her parents to the UK on a work transfer.

After retiring from accountancy at 50, Amy took on art classes to improve her skills in painting and drawing.

A keen grower, cook and consumer of chillies, Amy’s love affair with the chilli seeped into her artwork.

“What I love about chillies is their vibrant colours and there are just so many different varieties,” said Amy.

 Through social media, Amy started to connect with other “chilli-heads” and so found herself with an abundance of chilli images for inspiration. 

“I never realised how many people loved and grew them,” she said.

Amy is regularly asked to paint clients’ favourite chillies and recently connected with Scarlett Habanero, the producer of Briz Chilli Fest and Chillogan Chilli Festival in Queensland and is helping raise money for their partner charities, as well as selling prints to festival fans. 

“Who’d have thought I’d be connecting with chilli-heads down under!’ said Amy.

By producing limited print runs of her work, Amy is hoping to make her chilli artwork affordable enough for most chilli-heads to buy.

“At the end of the day, I can relax doing my art and having a nice chilli chicken for dinner, so I’m pretty content,” she said.

Amy also paints animals and birds.

Check Amy out on her social media pages:
Instagram: @artbyamygifts
Facebook: @AmyLee

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