Chilli Sid Launches Her Own Range of Hot Sauces

Chilli Magazine is delighted to announce that one of our industries biggest celebrities has released her own selection of hot sauces.

The much loved and respected Sid Barber – aka Chilli Sid – has teamed up with renowned industry chef, Chilli Olly, and Award Winning sauce-maker Chilli Pepper Perrett to produce an initial 3 products, which are available online right NOW via

Sid has been extremely hands-on throughout the conception and production process of her sauces, which has been months in the making. Sid says ‘…I’d never really thought of having my own brand of hot sauce, but following conversations with Olly and Dave, it quickly became a very good idea, and we got to work on flavour profiles’.  With Sid’s knowledge of sauce flavour, and the expertise of those sauce-makers, we are sure to be in for a treat.

The flavours are defined as a blend of Western cooking combined with Eastern spices, reminiscent of Sid’s roots and heritage.

Indian Summer is a mild, sweet & savoury flavour. The Sauceror comes in at a medium heat range flavoured by blueberries and tamarind and lastly The Stinger is a musky, smoky hot sauce with beetroot and tomato.

Sid tells us ‘…my passion for chilli has always gone beyond the heat. This range of sauces is inspired by my chilli journey so far…’

Look out for the Chilli Magazine review of Sid’s range coming real soon.