Pepper Jar Creations re-brands it’s spellbinding Christmas Sauce for the Festive season

We first came across Festive Fire about this time last year. Pepper Jar had launched it in time for the Christmas season, and when you taste it you’ll know exactly why. It’s mesmerising.
You open this jar and the whole aroma of Christmas spills out into the air. It’s delightful. Warming, seasonal, cosy, spicy, sweet and comforting.

It’s made with powerful fruits – including orange and sultanas. The spices are typically festive – ginger, nutmeg. And there’s a teeny hint of chilli which warms the whole sweet concoction up beautifully.

Festive Fire was intended to liven up the Boxing Day leftovers – and it does. A fantastic addition to a cold meat sandwich of turkey or cooked ham. But actually, this sauce really hits the spot with the cheeseboard. It blows Branston to the back of the cupboard, in our humble opinion.

Cheeses, breads, pate and crackers are just a few of Santas’ savouries to be enhanced with Festive Fire – and yet it’s versatile enough to bake with too – puff pastry cheese twists with this stuff are simple but delicious. Halloumi fries with a Festive Fire Dip also a real winner.
You can include it in mince tarts, puddings and with ice cream.

For a ‘chilli’ product, you won’t really feel any kind of heat, just an underlying buzz that lifts the whole experience.

Out of the Christmas season this product carried on selling and selling, but ‘Festive’ was replaced by ‘Winter’ on the labelling. Same product, same superb flavours, and a sweet, sticky reminder that Christmas is always just round the corner…

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