Flaming Licks December Subscription Box

This months subscription box was kindly sent to us by James at Flaming Licks.

We’ve been desperate to review and reveal but had to wait ‘til it landed on doorsteps of the subscribers to avoid risking a spoiler (kind us).

But here it is, accompanied by the Flaming Licks Hot Sauce Keyring this month we have:

Nudie Snacks’ Chilli & Lime Roasted Chick Peas

A nice 30g sized bag of snacks containing only 116Kcal per pack. I pushed my large doner aside and tore open the seal across the top of the bag.
My first small handful of reddish-tainted peas gave a me real good crunch. I checked my teeth and focussed on the flavours. First mouthful, not much chilli nor lime to be honest, but could taste the chickpeas. Second mouthful went in and the flavour began to assemble on my tongue and inside my fleshy old cheeks. A subtle but definitely evident tingle of chilli pepper and the slightest citrus hint.
The flavours peaked around helping no. 4, but I did find myself unconsciously returning my greedy fingers back to the bag until its contents were no more.
I never did return to my large doner, so this much healthier snack certainly did its job.

Taste – 7 out of 10
Heat – 3 out of 10

FULA Flavour Fiery Tomato Sauce

An African mask design adorned the label of my 150ml bottle, which also told us a bit about its maker, Hawa, originating from Guinea, West Africa. Hawa suggests we could use this tomato sauce to give our beans a bang (and we all need that once in a while), to dip our nachos or use as a marinade. I gave the bottle a shake, split the seal and unscrewed the cap with a ‘pop’. A beautiful garlic and tomato aroma bursts out of the bottle.
I poured its contents onto my spoon. The sauce was a great consistency. Not gloopy, not too thin. There were ‘bits’ still in there too. The taste was sooo good. Real peppery, tangy tomato and rich garlic. Every spoonful seemed to give me a different priority of those 3 flavours.
The label points out that this bottle is suitable for vegans and vegetarians… but they’ll have to fight me for it! I would put this on everything. Delicious. Great product Hawa, great choice Flaming Licks!

Taste – 9 out of 10
Heat – 7 out of 10

OZILALA Scotch Amber

‘A Supercharged Hot Mango Condiment’ is the footer on the jar’s front label. Other parts of the label I found tricky to read (including the allergens) as it had used grey text on a grey background. I’m thankfully not allergic to any food-stuffs so undeterred I continued to open the 190ml jar.
Well, pass me my sitar and call me Rajesh, this was an Indian delight. Supercharged? Possibly not, but definitely has a good warmth from the chillies. Honestly readers, this sauce was among the nicest Indian-flavoured condiments I’ve had. It is creamy, bitty with seeds, light and very, very moorish. It will be superb on chicken, lovely across a salad or pasta, great as a dip for breads, poppadum or crackers. Who am I kidding, it’ll be great with anything! Beautiful.

Taste – 10 out of 10
Heat – 8 out of 10

Séance Hot Sauce from CONDIMANIAC

150ml bottle with a spooky white skull logo on black background. There are four-out-of-five flames lit up on the label’s heat scale indicator so I expected a fiery one. Ingredients listed include Serrano, Ghost and Habanero chillies, and an orange-red liquid held seeds and other bits throughout when I looked through the glass bottle. I gave it a shake before opening the black seal and cap.
The nose picks out tomatoes primarily, and onions too. Less so garlic or chilli.
Out on to the spoon with a good consistency came the sauce. The nose lied about the chilli. Its definitely there, in perfect balance with the slightly more dominant tomato. I still didn’t really get to feel garlic nor lime, I did get salt though. Through the peppery yumminess also came a sweet flavour which held the sauce together really well. After my 3rd spoonful, my mouth was enjoying the lingering heat which now occupied my entire palate. I’d use Séance as a table sauce and I’m struggling to think of anything that it wouldn’t go with. It’d come into its own on pizza – it actually reminded me of the sauce on Morrison’s ‘Ghost Pepper’ pizza which I reviewed recently . So that’s what I’ll try Séance on first…

Taste – 7 out of 10
Heat – 8 out of 10