From Hair Band to Hot Sauce!

Winner of the Global Hot Sauce Award’s REVIEWER OF THE YEAR  and the prestigious  CARL WALLBANK COMMUNITY SPIRIT AWARD, held in Western Australia,  Kendall was voted to win both awards out of eight countries and countless nominees.  Kendall was also the first person to start live interviews at hot sauce and spicy food events all across the United States and Canada, blazing a path for others to follow in his footsteps.  Kendall was also the originator of the first Spicy Food Talk Show on facebook called TASTING THE HEAT LIVE! (that can be found both on Facebook and YouTube

        After years of writing and playing music, several albums and tours with the 80’s hair band Herazz, it was time to turn his attention to another venture.  Being a lifelong Chilli-head and lover of spicy foods, Kendall was encouraged to share his experiences of his spicy addiction. 

“Have you ever eaten something so good that you wanted to share it with everyone?” 

That’s why Kendall created He wanted a fun, easy and entertaining way for people to get to know and understand the different hot sauces, BBQ sauces, salsas and all other things spicy from across the glob.

  Kendall wanted to make an easy guide that wasn’t drawn out or overly complicated, yet informational. He has done this by making videos for YouTube and sharing information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with in-depth reviews on TASTINGTHEHEAT.COM.  Kendall loves to showcase what great products the industry has to offer.  From mild to extremely hot you can find them all on his website.

“It’s all about the taste, the heat is an added and necessary bonus”

Kendall doesn’t just spoon taste sauces, he also cooks with all of them with different foods he feels they would pair well with.  This is what really makes these sauces shine as the flavor evolves into something unique and mouthwatering.  He wants to show how incredible these small batch artists are and the many delicious and versatile ways they have created sauces, salsas, rubs, candies and much more for everyone to enjoy. 

Be sure to seek out and support your local hot sauce makers by word of mouth, websites or locate a local event showcasing these delicious hidden gems.  Come be part of all the spicy fun at and get up to the minute updates on the Tasting The Heat Facebook Page.  Plus follow Tasting The Heat on YouTube!  Kendall and his wife Tracy now has there own hot sauce Dill-licious Dill Pickle Hot Sauce. All of this was made possible buy who has many amazing products.  Kendall is also the USA Editor of