Great Balls of Fire!

Iceland ‘Scarily Spicy Carolina Reaper Chicken Breast Fillet Chunks’

The bag’s title doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it covers the description of the contents.
Following on from Iceland’s ‘Reaper Curry (review here), comes their chicken nugget equivalent.

Those who are more familiar with me & my taste tolerances will know I’m not anywhere near comfortable with the Super Hot’s. But I’m a game old mug if nothing else. So here we go.

On opening the bag, these huge russet orbs rolled out, snarling at me with a ‘let’s have it’ grin like a hardened lag on his first day out of prison. I was expecting (hoping) for something… smaller. But no, these planets of pain were about the size of a ping pong ball. They were the Jupiter to McDonalds’ Pluto McNugget.

these chunks were huge

For three quid you get about 15 in a 500g bag. Not bad value on the face of it. The bag is keen to address its conflicting messages – one stating 100% chicken breast, another claiming 60% – telling us the other 40% lies in things such as the coating. It’s within this coating that the Carolina Reaper is deployed.

I take my first bite. The coating is thick, nice and crunchy, a crumb rather than a batter. I wait for a hit, which doesn’t come. There’s a chilli heat for sure, but not one as potent as you’d usually associate with the Reaper. The chicken was decent too. After 3 of the chunks had been eaten, a noticeable kind of heat remained in my mouth. Not a nasty heat at all, but a soft burn. For me, these were the perfect level actually – but I reckon for those with a penchant for anything in the Naga, Scorpion or Reaper bracket, you’d probably be disappointed with the absence of that real heat. It never quite gets there.

For the money, definitely give them a go. Great for nibbles – cook a load up to share with your mates during Superbowl, or Frozen II (again) if you live in my house.