Green Shoots

This isn’t an article about growing chillies, those of you clever enough to grow the plants are probably way past the tiny green shoots stage (depending on where you are geographically of course). No, these are the metaphorical green shoots of recovery, of hope.

And for me, there’s no better yardstick that chilli life is returning post-Covid than the fantastic news that Edible Ornamentals are opening their doors again last weekend.

I was genuinely pleased – kind of relieved, even – when I received one of their promo emails last week announcing the return of their workshops and experiences. Finally, some normality is returning to the chilli world, I thought.

‘Edibles’ are one of the UK Chilli industry’s most famous names. Growers, suppliers of plants and wholesale pods across the UK, and hosts of many great chilli experiences – Shawn and the Edibles team know their stuff. And now at last, the general public and commercial chilli folk alike can flock to their ranch in Bedfordshire to pick up plants, peppers, gifts and chilli jars, or to take afternoon tea in the ranch’s cafe.

Hobbyists, like me and a lot of you, can start to attend their enlightening courses and tours – sauce-making and chilli-growing among the favourites.

My journey into this industry started right there at the Chawston ranch just a couple of years ago, attending a fun workshop and coming away enthused enough to develop my own range of products. After everything that has been happening as a result of Covid this year, to know that Edibles have survived is one big bonus, but more than that – to know that other chilli businesses will now function as a direct result of Edibles opening again is indeed superb news. And hopefully another breed of grower or sauce maker will emerge on the back of attending one of the Edibles experiences.

Check out the Edible Ornamentals website for full details of opening times, and available workshops at: