Haico Hot Sauce at ‘Heating Up the Capital’ Hot Sauce Expo in Ottawa, Canada

Haico Krijgsman and Angela Thomson are the husband and wife team behind HAICO’S HOT SAUCE.  Hailing out of Ottawa Canada they have built a hot sauce company that produces world class hot sauces and barbecue sauces that are enjoyed all over the world. 

Haico is a Dutch immigrant who came to Canada 15 years ago to be with his lovely wife Angela. After working in retail and having his own business he started making hot sauces for himself due to the lack of quality hot sauces available in Canada at that time. 

He draws inspiration from his diverse family culture from all over the world, (Indonesia, India, Surinam) and all these different cultures have a different take on spicy foods. So he pulls inspiration from all his different backgrounds to make his own style of hot sauces. He started out growing his own peppers for his sauces and he continues to do so to this day.  After making some sauces and his friends trying them, they wanted more, and so the idea of making this into a business was born. Each flavour became a success and people started buying them. Chilly Chile’s in Ottawa Canada https://chillychiles.com started selling Haico’s Hot Sauce and continues to do so with much success.

The names of his sauces are fun and whimsical in ways everyone can enjoy but the best thing about Haico’s Hot Sauce is the flavours and the heat that follows. You can also get Haico’s Hot Sauce from Hot Sauces Unlimited in Canada https://www.hotsaucesunlimited.com who also ships to the United States.  In Europe you can purchase Haico’s Hot Sauce at The Chilli Shop  http://thechillishop.eu/ so everyone in the UK and Europe has a way to  receive these amazing hot sauces. 

It has been four years from the start until now and sales have grown exponentially from 12 hundred bottles the first year to 15 thousand bottles this last year. I’m thinking this trend will continue well into the future because of the quality and uniqueness of these wonderfully flavoured hot sauces. 

I asked Haico what’s next for Haico’s Hot Sauces and he told me he will be coming up with new flavours and spicy products to add to his many different products. 


But one thing they are extremely excited about is HEATING UP THE CAPITAL Hot Sauce Expo this coming May 30th in Ottawa Canada. https://heatingupthecapital.ca 

This event will be a first in the Ottawa area, with hot sauce vendorsfrom all across Canada and some from the USA. You will be able to try all the sauces before you buy, get involved in the eating events on the CAPITAL PUNISHMENT STAGE and so much more. 

It is a one-day show this coming May 30th from 10am to 6pm. There are two price points starting at $10 advance on line and $13 at the door. This includes hot sauce tasting, the entertainment stage, plus beer, wine and food trucks will also be available to everyone.  Second option is the VIP ticket. This price is $60 which includes everything the $10 ticket provides plus a HEATING UP THE CAPITAL t-shirt, A HEATING UP THE CAPITAL commemorative hot sauce and a $10 food voucher for the food trucks. Kids under 12 are free. Haico suggests you purchase the tickets online because all tickets will be honoured by the Ottawa public transportation to get to the show from around the capital. Even the kids free tickets will get them on the public transportation for free. (So be sure to get these on line also). 

There are still booth spaces available to the show.  So if you are a hot sauce company and want to get in on this event you can get all the information at https://heatingupthecapital.ca.  There are also great sites to see and historical places around Ottawa that would make a wonderful part of your trip. 

Keep watching the event website for updates as the event gets closer.  Kendall and Tracy will be there for Chilli Magazine and TASTING THE HEAT https://www.tastingtheheat.com  to welcome all fans.  Please say hi and get a picture with us for the magazine and our Facebook pages. To learn more about this interview click on the Tasting The Heat YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/APkOkEosRJM

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