Harleywood Wing Challenge

When Aaron Minter of Extreme Heat Challenge stumbled upon this Diner’s hot wings, he just couldn’t resist…

‘ I’ve always loved an American diner, and Eastbourne is home to one of the funkiest diners around. The Harleywood Diner has such a fantastic vibe, and not just for the adults but the kids too.

The walls are covered in movie memorabilia and cool full size superheroes and other popular characters too. The seating booths are red and white leather and very comfortable, there is even a TV too.

The main wall has the most amazing graffiti art and you will find yourself just in awe of the place.

When I visited the Harleywood I was in two minds about taking on the wing challenge, I had not prepared myself throughout the day and my stomach was near enough empty.

But even with that in mind I just had too, I love a challenge and I love wings, I thought I would be stupid not too experience this incredible task.

After getting seated and ordering our tables drinks I plucked up the courage and approached a member of staff.

I asked her about the wing challenge, she said “I’ll see if we can do that for you” and disappeared into the back briefly. Shortly after, another member of staff came out wearing a devilish smile and said, “are you the guy who wants to do the wing challenge” at that moment in hindsight I should have said no, but I didn’t I said yes and his smile intensified while handing me the waiver form.

After filming a couple of clips for my page Extreme Heat Challenge I had asked what was in the recipe, what made this challenge so bad? And I was told it was a secret recipe. That always scares me because I always fear that something naughty has been added,

But I put my fears aside and got myself as ready as i could.

I heard the kitchen door open, and I was given a thumbs up.

At that moment my heart started to race, I saw this guy approaching me with a huge platter of wings! Immediately I knew I was in for a tough ride. He placed them down and he started to read the rules.

I had 10 minutes to eat these 12 huge wings, no drink just napkins. Now he said 12 but these were full wings – they had both the drum and flat – and I’m worried, I can smell the heat in the air, my countdown started and I was off.

I pulled away at the first wing and took a bite, and I was met with an inferno, instantly I knew that this was going to be hard. The wings were smothered with seeds and were piping hot, the meat was literally falling off the bone. I kept just thinking while munching down the first 2 wings that eventually my stomach was going to take a hit. Why didn’t I just ordered a burger!?

My mouth was on fire, my lips burning, and my nose started to stream with snot while I pluck away at the wings. A couple wings later there it was … the gutbomb of all gutbombs, my eyes were watering up, I had family and friends with me supporting me and loads of random onlookers,  the occasional cheer and people egging me on.

I just couldn’t do it. It was tough, the countdown was coming and I knew I couldn’t complete it. The last five or so seconds everyone in that place started counting down and applauded my effort. I was so grateful, but I admitted defeat and on this occasion chilli definitely won. I look forward to revisiting the Harleywood diner in the future to try this again, maybe when I’m better prepared. Thank you to all of the staff for allowing us to film and for delivering an amazing service and for being kind enough to give me some free ice cream after – thank you.

The Harleywood Diner is located on Terminus Road, Eastbourne and delivers a fantastic experience for all the family. Even if you’re not there for the challenge, the vibe is fantastic, you will love it! ‘

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