Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce

Ron Menin chatted to our US Editor, Kendall.

Through the COVID 19 pandemic and now the riots in New York City, Ron Menin love his city he lives in and looks forward to the upcoming day that he can go back to selling his hot sauces, Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce.  All his sauces are well thought out and is Rons mission statement ”Perfect balance of both heat and flavour”. Ron has been one of the leading Captains in the fine dining industry in New Your City for several years.  He understands foods and flavours and how they can pair with each other.  He tells me that he uses hot sauce on everything as much or more then all of us Chilliheads.  People he worked with gave him the nickname of CPJ (Chili Pepper Jesus) coming from his love of hot sauce that he would share with everyone he knew. In 2007 – 2008 Ron decided to share his passion by starting Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce. He would make small batches at home and get feedback from friends and family to know which way to go with each sauce. Now here he is in 2020 with several awards and a full line of hot sauces, Ron continues to search to come up with unique amazing flavours people will love. 

     I love the artwork on Ron’s sauces they all have the same lady portraying different poses to fit with each flavour of hot sauce. He examples it’s a cross of a pinup girl and a tattoo, loosely based on an a woman he dated that was a burlesque pin up model.  All his label artwork is reminiscent of her, all very thoughtfully and colourful, drawn by artist Dan Birch from Brooklyn NY.  Ron now has a store front in Columbus Circle in Manhattan at 59th St in the Turnstile Market where he has all 12 of his sauces along with a variety of other people’s products from here in the USA and from overseas.  He loves to be able to serve his style of heat and flavour to return  customers along with helping new people find the right type of hot sauce they will enjoy.  If you have never had Hell’s Kitchen Hot sauce you can get them in person in NYC or buy them on line at https://hellskitchenhotsauce.com , https://www.pepperexplosion.com , https://www.hotsaucesunlimited.com ,in Denmark  https://en.chiliklaus.dk and in the UK at www.hotheads.co.uk

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