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As a Chilli Magazine, we’re well aware of how versatile our beloved flavours can be, and we’re always trying to look for the best ways to use our chilli products – as rubs, sauces, marinades etc.
There’s not much better use of chilli (in my opinion) than when its accompanying / enhancing some beautiful lumps of meat cooked in a smoker or on the barbie.
Picture it… your favourite hot sauce smothered on a lump of succulent, fall-apart meat, infused with your best rub. Your lips are drooling, the beers are cold and the smells are awesome… well, there’s nobody better to talk us through grilling and smoking than HeyGrillHey’s Susie Bulloch.

We deployed Kendall to find out more…

Susie Bulloch knows all about cooking on the grill and will help you become a master chef right in your own backyard!  Wood, charcoal, gas or pellet, she has you covered. Her website is  https://heygrillhey.com and if you like to get out on your grill and barbecue as much as I do, then this is the website you need. 

I had the pleasure of talking to Susie to find out more about heygrillhey.com and her social media pages and found out that she has over 900,000 combined followers on her Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages!

She told me it all started years ago when she was asked to make recipes for a pellet grill company.  She enjoyed coming up with new recipes so much that when she was done working for the grill company, she continued writing down her ideas for new recipes. As she looked around on the internet she found out that there really wasn’t a lot of information out there on how to barbecue. So she started her own cooking blog that turned into her heyGrillHey.com website and then a YouTube channel.  Her videos are for people that want to learn more about cooking on a grill with easy to follow steeps. Susie’s recipes start with what you need,  preparation, how to cook on the grill and her husband gets to taste test at the end. I’m thinking he has a pretty great job!

When I asked about smoking foods and how she likes to do it the best, she replied it all depends on what you are cooking, how much time you have and how you want to smoke the food.  From low and slow to using wood or pellets, to hot and fast using charcoal or propane, you really can’t go wrong.  Susie said they have 12 different styles of grills so there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to cooking times. All of her recipes and video are tested over and over before she shares them with her fans so she can be sure the technique and flavours are just right. 

I asked Susie what her most viewed video was.  She laughed and told me her most viewed video is also the most controversial video. It was about how to grill a New York strip steak. She wanted to show how to grill a steakhouse version with high sear on both sides and a finishing butter, and everyone had their own opinion and it kinda made people go bonkers. But the one video that people keep coming back to over and over again is how to cook prime rib and poor man’s burnt ends.  When it comes to a favourite of cooking or smoking on the grill Susie is split over beef and pork.  I’m thinking that would be a hard choice for a lot of us.  

One of the videos I loved was the bacon wrapped armadillo eggs. Now that looks amazing! She explained that’s a combination of a scotch egg and a jalapeño popper.  I can’t wait to try my hand at cooking them!  Susie loves jalapeños and she uses them in a lot of her recipes because she loves the flavour they bring to her cooking.

Hey Grill Hey has their own line of rubs and finishing sauce available on their website to help make your grilling tasty and easy.  Her rubs use a special salt that can only be found in Utah from an ancient sea bed and explained that there is no other salt in the world like it.  Her ideas for her products came from people asking how to make them.  Getting so much positive feedback and encouragement she was told “why don’t you sell them?” And that’s just what she did.  Also none of her products have any liquid smoke added to them. They were design to go with whatever comes off the grill that already has that delicious smoke flavour.  

Something new coming to heygrillhey.com is a subscription, members only page for those of us that want to get deeper into grilling and smoking. There will be in-depth information for the serious barbecuers and for us that are just getting started. This page will be called the ‘Grill Squad’. If you would like to be a part of this special page go to www.heygrillhey.com/grill-squad This page will be live 2/2/2020. 

You can follow Hey Grill Hey on Facebook, Instagram and of course the Hey Grill Hey YouTube channel. 

Here is the video of my interview with Susie Bulloch from Hey Grill Hey. I challenge anyone to watch this video and not have a smile on their face. You can see Susie really enjoys every second of sharing her cooking skills with you. Don’t forget to subscribe, follow and hit that Notification bell.