Chilli Magazine turns a new leaf as we try Hoogly Teas’ chilli varieties

Hot beverage infusions – they’re my cup of tea!
If you also utilise chilli, as Hooglys have done, then you’re brewing up a tip-top hot hit. Spiffing idea.

It’s the New Year, the time when we promise ourselves to clean up our consumption, get healthier and look for alternatives in our naughty lifestyles. Introducing these infusions into your routine might help you feel better in yourself – plus you’re still getting your chilli fix.

Hoogly’s are a very professional outfit. They represent the tea realm beautifully. They’re twee, artisan, classy, sustainable, clean.
Chilli Magazine were sent a pack which contained mugs, teapot and tea – in eco-friendly pyramid bag form, and loose.
The pack sounds simple, and it was, but it oozed class. The glass teapot was cute. It has its own built-in spout filter and bamboo lid. You become mesmerised as you watch your chosen blend of tea release it’s flavour before your very eyes. Our mugs, subtly branded, came with a bamboo lid and golden spoon. The lid keeps your brew warm til you’re ready to drink, then doubles up as a coaster. It is craftsmanship in its simplicity.

Pinkies out, time to taste…

White Choc and Chilli Tea.

The dry mix smelled of chocolate as you might expect. But it wasn’t a bitter cocoa aroma, it was a very sweet, creamy scent. I feared that the taste would be overpoweringly sweet, like taking a shot from the Milky Bar Kid, but it was far from that. The blend was delicate. You taste the tea. You get a sample of the chilli, and the experience is held together on a light, fragile flavour of chocolate. More than that – you really can taste that it’s white chocolate.
It is indulgent but charming. It’s refreshing but feels luxurious. A wonderfully balanced infusion.

Around the Fire Oolong Tea.

Our next taster was a loose mix of ‘Around the Fire’. Made up of Oolong (Taiwanese), Chinese Lapsang, Souchong Black tea, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Safflower Petals and Chilli Seeds (variety of chilli not defined).
The flavour is warming and smokey. Its fireside taste is enhanced by a chilli presence throughout, not a typical chilli ‘heat’, just a reminder that there is pepper within.
The taste takes you a cosy Winters’ evening, sipping this infusion while sat in your most comfy armchair in front of a crackling flame, as you watch the snow falling outside.
The tea feels more heady than the light chocolate variety above, but equally refreshing.

Hoogly has around 30 varieties on their website and while we’ve focussed on a couple of their chilli products, there are some amazing ideas on there.

Chilli Magazine HQ will be enthusing about using these infus..ings in 2020. We’d urge all of you to give them a go too.

Happy New Year.