Hot Sauce By Goss

COLON PLOW from HOT SAUCE BY GOSS… Is it a hot sauce or a salsa?  This is one of the most versatile hot sauces I’ve had. I’ve used this on chicken as a marinade, as a topping, a cocktail sauce for shrimp and just straight out of the jar on tortilla chips. The flavour is that good. It’s sweet, hot and just the right amount of flavor from the ingredients. It has jalapeño, red pepper, cider vinegar, habanero, garlic, cayenne and a sweetness from carrot, sugar and corn syrup. If you have read many of my reviews you know how I love hot wings, and this sauce makes some amazing grilled wings. Just add Colon Plow a few minutes before you take them off the grill to make them sticky, sweet, hot and delicious. You’ll fall in love with Colon Plow’s unique and original flavor at first bite!

TASTE.. 10 out of 10
HEAT..4 out of 10