Joe & Seph’s Caramel, Pepper and Chilli Popcorn

Product Review

I picked up some of this popcorn at the BBC Winter Good Food Show. The label bravely states that ‘if you don’t love this popcorn, I’ll eat my hats’. (how many hats are we talking about, I wondered?)
Well, let me tell you Joe & Seph, those hats – whatever their number –  will be safe for a very long time, because this popcorn was ace!

On returning from the NEC Show, I was met by my wife who’s nose went into my goodie bag and located this product like a sniffer dog in a crack-house, and in milli-seconds she’d fished this popcorn out of my haul. I also happened to have my octogenarian parents visiting for a few days, and so ‘we’ (my wife) decided to open the packet and share the puffy popcorn amongst our guests.

The people aforementioned represent a complete cross-spectrum of chilli tolerances.

Every. Single. One of us…. adored these puffy snacks. The popcorn nuggets were big, crunchy lumps held firm by delicious sticky caramel. That caramel melts in the mouth to introduce pepper, and before you know it, the whole treat has dissolved – and somehow you’re left with a very subtle, cunning, and delightful fizz of chilli. Where did that come from?

In a sentence with too many ‘oo’s (count them) these are soooo bloody moorish. That crunchy caramel gets you hooked. That melty popcorn makes you drool, the lingering pepper and subtle chilli works so good. Amazingly layers in this food.

Superbly crafted, air-popped, hand-made popcorn, my own opinion is that Joe & Seph’s Caramel, Pepper & Chilli Popcorn is far, far superior to anything of its kind that I’ve come across, anywhere  – and even my old Dad concurred that it’s even better than the salty stuff he used to get at cinema, circus or fun fair. Praise indeed.

Joe & Seph have a range of over 40 flavours – from Cheese on Toast to Vanilla Cheesecake, check them out on and change your perception of popcorn. Superb.