Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn

This time, we road-test two varieties of Joe & Seph’s chilli popcorn.

Chilli Chocolate Caramel flavoured Gourmet Popcorn

An 80g bag bursting full of fat, fluffy popcorn.  This particular variety (they have around 40) is lightly coated in a delicious buttery chocolate.

The popcorn crunches and sweetness oozes across the mouth. Sugar, butter, chocolate, and – as the corn melts away – a delicate nip of chocolatey chilli remains. It’s divine.

Chocolate lovers will not be overpowered by the chilli. Chilli lovers will not be consumed by the chocolate. The balance of flavour is perfect and the air-popped popcorn is the most delightful, unobtrusive vehicle which delivers it all. is the place to go for this most amazing treat.

Taste = 10 out of 10
Heat = 6 out of 10

Cheddar Cheese and Chilli flavoured Gourmet Popcorn

Large pale yellow hunks of popcorn huddle tightly together in the sealed clear bag. Once opened a light, cheesy aroma rises out. I wasn’t sure if the mature cheese would be too intense. It’s not. Instead it is gentle – more subtle than those other puffy cheesy snacks out there.

These bites were not as crunchy as the chocolate ones I’d just had. They were definitely softer by comparison, but still had some resistance. The chilli is much more gentle too, this flavour is primarily cheese.

One thing I’ll say about all of Joe and Seph’s products is that the portion sizes are very generous. Each bag is brimming with contents. I was interested to read that the label of the Cheese popcorn said it was a full 10g lighter than the chocolate variety – at 70g. You wouldn’t know it to look at – when they stood together, the identically-sized clear bags were equally rammed.

Taste = 7 out of 10
Heat = 3 out of 10