New Trio from Chilli Pepper Perrett

Three… is the magic number.

We were gifted 3 new sauces from Bedford’s Chilli Pepper Perrett, and boy what a trio they are!

If you’ve had the pleasure of trying any of Chilli Pepper Perrett’s earlier range, then you know his products are well constructed, and have great flavour profiles. Dave Perrett is a thinker, a craftsman, a perfectionist. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a number of times and his passion for cooking (not just sauces) comes across with an infectious enthusiasm. These traits are reflected in his products, and his latest 3 flavours are no exception.

He’s gone for a taste of the tropics with his Jerk Sauce and a Bajan Sauce. There’s also a fiery Naga Sauce punching its way into his line-up.

Jerk Hot Sauce.
Without getting into the 2018 ‘Jamie Oliver Jerk Rice’ debacle, Chilli Pepper Perrett’s Jerk Sauce seems to cover off all the requisite ingredients – in superb balance – and with a truly ‘pukka’ flavour.
The sauce is easily pourable, so you’d be just fine drizzling it across your BBQ’d meats, fish and veggies as well as salads. It genuinely does have a ‘summer’ feel to it. The sauce is sweet, but it’s also sharp courtesy of lime juice and vinegars. The chilli heat is pretty instant, recognisably Scotch Bonnet, and it hangs around along with all the other flavours in the mouth. The heat is not too much, it doesn’t deter the sweetness or spice-mix from being the most prominent flavours. Allspice, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, thyme, garlic – they all vie for their places on the tastebuds, and each of them gets their turn. It’s a great sauce, well made by a bloke who knows his way around a spice rack. This sauce over crispy, flame-grilled chicken drumsticks… beautiful.

Naga Hot sauce.
A fiery-red sauce fills the 150ml bottle. It slides its way up and down the inside of the glass as I move it, leaving behind bits of this, and seeds of that. The liquid is quite smooth, not gloopy or lumpy. I’m expecting a good hit from the 2% Naga, which is bolstered by the inclusion of Scotch Bonnets and paprika too.
There’s a tomato smell to the product when the lid comes off, but my first taste is an unexpected sweetness, the sugar and coriander really opening up well. Then the mouth bursts into wetness as the chilli introduces itself with sneaky, salty, citrusy flood. The whole thing is suspended together in that tomato carrier which I’d detected earlier. The flavour lingers – sweet, salty and very spicy. It is balanced brilliantly as you’d expect from this maker. This isn’t a scary Naga sauce, its one that you’d use each day as a general table condiment. There’s no novelty factor to this hot sauce, it genuinely is something I’d put in my burgers, bacon sarnies, on my chips, on cheese toasties and all the other junk I eat. Actually, this would make a brilliant kebab sauce, and a superb alternative/addition to your regular pizza sauce.

Bajan Hot Sauce.
Bajan: of the Bahamas. As if the idyllic waters, white sands and scorching sunshine isn’t attractive enough, the Bahamian-inspired flavour profile of this sauce is pretty appealing too. Better than that in fact – these flavours are Calyp-soooo good. The ingredient list is a pretty ordinary read in truth, but again, the precision and balance that you get from a Chilli Pepper Perrett creation just seems to elevate this sauce to a multi-dimensional flavour. It’s got a good scotch bonnet hit, its sweet enough, the vinegar is subtle, the lime juice just cuts through in perfect proportion. It just works as a really good hot sauce. I’d stick this on my table, I’d add it to soups, to pasta and to meat. It’s less complicated than the previously mentioned Jerk Sauce, its not as fiery as the Naga Sauce, but it is possibly the most versatile of the trio. Personally, I think it’d be best enjoyed on a hammock strung between two palm trees over lily-white sand, splashed into a rum cocktail or over a seafood salad…..

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