OZI LALA Scotch Amba

Product Review

 ‘A Supercharged Hot Mango Condiment’ is the footer on the jar’s front label. Other parts of the label I found tricky to read (including the allergens) as it had used grey text on a grey background. I’m thankfully not allergic to any food-stuffs, so undeterred I continued to open the 190ml jar.
Well, pass me my sitar and call me Rajesh, this was an Indian delight. Supercharged? Possibly not, but definitely has a good warmth from the chillies. Honestly readers, this sauce was among the nicest Indian-flavoured condiments I’ve had. It is creamy, bitty with seeds, light and very, very moreish. It will be superb on chicken, lovely across a salad or pasta, great as a dip for breads, poppadum or crackers. Who am I kidding – it’ll be great with anything! Beautiful.

Taste – 10 out of 10
Heat – 8 out of 10