Pepplish Provisions – Looking forward to helping others.

With Kendall Stadler

Tim Fraczak started Pepplish Provision because he loves spicy food, but couldn’t find a sauce he felt lived up to what he wanted. Growing up Tim enjoyed Tabasco and Franks, and also had hot peppers growing in their family garden. He loved eating jalapeños straight off the plant.  

In 2009 Tim decided to make his own hot sauce. He made his first sauce, Peach Agave Garlic, for himself and shared it with friends and family, and they wanted more. I asked Tim where he gets his ideas for his unique flavour blends for his hot sauces and he explained that a lot of his ideas are what he calls shower ideas. That’s where an idea of ingredients will hit him. One is the flavour of a favourite pie his wife made for him. But the Mango Garlic Hickory Hot Sauce came from him working at his church for their homeless ministries. He was asked to make a hot sauce for the Latin American influence in the community.

Tim moved to Queens, New York to start building his hot sauce company and it had its own challenges. But he loves the city and got use to the hustle and bustle after growing up in a rural setting.

I asked Tim where did the name Pepplish came from and he explained, “I decided to make a think tank of my more creative friends and tasked the group to just start brainstorming names. One of my friends came up with Pepplish as a portmanteau of pepper and relish. So, it had several levels of meaning behind it. But I wanted a classic sounding name and Pepplish alone wasn’t cutting it. It wasn’t until my wife and I were eating breakfast that ‘Provisions’ just hit me. The alliteration was fantastic, and it provided more of that classic feel”. Tim also looked up to see if Pepplish was a word and the closest thing was ‘peplish’, which is an antiquated way of spelling “peoplish” which means “of the common person”. With community being such an important value for his company, Tim loved the name even more. 

Tim’s favourite pepper to use is the Habanero because of the flavour and heat, but will use others if he feels the sauce could use it. I asked if he grows the peppers he uses in his sauces and I was extremely pleased by his answer because I had no idea about his resources. Tim explained that the high schools in New York City are unlike any other schools. Each school specializes in different trades from Business to Agriculture and everything in between. John Bowne High School in Flushing, New York specializes in agriculture and that’s where he gets his peppers, from the school farm. Tim buys the peppers from the school and in turn they sell his hot sauces in the school store.

As Pepplish grows into a bigger company he also plans on outsourcing the remaining peppers he will need from the island of Haiti to help rebuild their economy after the devastating hurricanes and floods. Tim has a friend in Haiti that will help him in this project as his company grows.

Pepplish has 8 different hot sauces at this point. The future of the company is to keep growing, to be a national brand, adding more spicy and delicious products to the Pepplish brand and to continue helping those less fortunate. What a great story. I am both impressed and awed at his generosity. 

As of now you can get Pepplish in the Long Island New York Whole Food stores, on line at and also you can find Pepplish products on their Store Locator tab on their website. 

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Thank you Tim for taking the time to share your amazing story.