Redline Hot Sauce

ORIGINAL from REDLINE HOT SAUCE… As soon as I cracked open the bottle the aroma of sesame oil hit my senses with an oriental flare. Not knowing what I was in for I poured it on wings. The flavour of sesame oil, peppers, garlic and vinegar rushed to my taste buds with excitement. The mixture of all the ingredients are so well balanced that they don’t overpower each other or burn you up with heat. This sauce has just the right amount of flavour-to-heat ratio, so anyone could enjoy its great taste! The palm sugar and pear puree add just the right amount of sweetness with out being syrupy. The onions, garlic and vinegar are mixed into the flavour at a very even consistency. The star of this sauces’ flavour to me is definitely the addition of the sesame oil. It gives this sauce a distinctive and one-of-a-kind flavour with a slight oriental flare. This is great on wings, oriental foods, pizza, eggs or anything you may want to bring a little heat and a lot of flavour to.   

TASTE.. 9 out of 10
HEAT.. 4 out of 10