Scarlett Habanero Shares the Love

As the world edges closer to a return to normality, Scarlett Habanero is ahead of the curve and brings us a new platform to shout about Chilli Shows, events & Festivals, as well a brand new Podcast dedicated to discussing all things chilli…

In previous articles, I’ve eluded to just how busy Scarlett Habanero really is, so it was with great delight – but little surprise – when she contacted me this week to tell me about her latest chilli projects. She’s been hard at it again.


First up, she launches a new PODCAST. It’ll be called SHARE THE CHILLI LOVE and publish every fortnight on Spotify featuring guests from across the world. We think it could be the only podcast dedicated to chilli-heads!

As well as regular contributors (such as Chilli Magazine’s legendary AUZ editor, Bree Rek), Scarlett is inviting anyone across the chilli industry to take part in the podcasts. Be sure to check out @I_Love_Chilli on Twitter.


If you have something to tell the chilli world about, contact Scarlett with your pitch and she will slot you in.


Not one to rest on her laurels, Scarlett has also set up a new website called MyChilliFest. Take a peep at the Instagram feed here.
My Chilli Fest has been set up as a directory site, allowing event organisers the chance to showcase their event, but more importantly it is a one-stop site for event-goers to find their festival. MyChilliFest is not native to Auz either! It will include events in the UK, NZ and elsewhere.

An excited Scarlett tells us ‘…it’s all new and very exciting, I’m hoping it’ll grow into a really useful directory as the world starts hosting events again and people learn about the new website. I’ll be looking at adding a shopping mall on there in time too…’
If you have an event that you want to list, now is the time because for the first 18 months, it is absolutely FREE to list your chilli event or food festival.


Townsland in the northern tropics of Queensland will host its first festival ‘Chilliville’ on Sat 28th August. It will be the first chilli festival to be held north of the Tropic of Capricorn!

Darwin in the northern territory will host its first chilli festival in 2022, around May. Look out for more news as that one evolves.

The BIG ONE!! The Sydney Festival will launch in 2022 which is awesome news as there are sooo many chilli heads in the City.

BrizChilliFest is over Halloween in 2021, remaining part of the Halloween event calendar with a theme ‘’let’s get spooky spicy’’ there’ll be loads of fun to have with chilli-red fake blood, fangs, and lots of haunting, Habanero-style!!

Chillogan Festival will enter its fourth year in the city of Logan this year. A superb 2-dayer, the event gets bigger and better each year set in the beautiful Logan River Parklands.

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