Pepper Jar Creation’s new sauce is proving to be a hot hit.

There’s a brilliant new sauce from Pepper Jar which is receiving fantastic reviews and feedback from those who’ve tried it – and it’s called Scorched Onion.

PJ sauces are not traditionally mouth-melters, and although this is more spicy than anything they currently make, it’s still not what you’d class as a super-hot, despite the use of Morugas.

The jar is packed with flavour. Sweet, charred (scorched) red onion, and a great combination of spices, sugar and vinegar all work wonderfully to accompany the nip from the Scorpion chilli.

This sauce is absolutely made for the BBQ season. It is better than anything you’d slap on your sausage, madam, and also works delightfully with salads. It’s a real summer winner.

Give it a try while there’s still 30% OFF all Pepper Jar products at using code ‘covid30’.