Talking to… Demonic Dave

Aussie Chilli-Legend Demonic Dave answered our ‘Getting to Know You’ quiz, courtesy of Bree Rek.

What is your real name?

Dave Shorter

So that we can identify your products, can you describe your logo to us, is there a story behind it – how did it come about?

When i used to grow strawberries, I was always called Demonic Dave. Now the name sticks for when i do chilli comps. Also a huge thanks to Uncle Mungo aka Tom Russell for designing my new Demonic logo

Tell us, what were the biggest challenges you faced to get your products/brand where they are today?

 I never thought i would have a product named after me until my mate Che Cooper from Gods Of Sauces said we need to do a hot sauce in my honour. I was so pleased and the end result is a delicious hot asian sauce named The Demonic.

When did you become involved in chilli life, were you born into it?

My Father was in the British Army and travelled all over the world eating different hot cuisines. His passion for chilli was exceptional and pretty much at the age of 4, I was eating chili.

How many varieties of chillies have you guys produced this year?

I grow 15 varieties ranging from mild to extra hot. I supply my chillies to local restaurants and local sauce maker Gods Of Sauces.

Is there a species you’ve tried to produce but are yet to master?

We live in a cold climate in Albany Wa but i have not had a problem growing what i want/need for the year..

What is the most popular product you have?

Being part of the League Of Fire, I have undertaken many popular challenges and i think they are all popular in their own right.

Which is your favourite chilli?

I love eating the Carolina Reaper but still need more training to eat a lot more.  My Favourite chilli is the rocottos and Cardi Scorpions.

Who are the people behind the company, tell us a bit about your team, who they are and what they do?

My beautiful fiancee Laura and my son Jye. I would not be where I am today without their support. My mates Che Cooper and Petey Lancaster make sure I push myself to the peak of no return to complete every challenge with success.. And of course my NEUK’s and my chilli Brotherhood. Showing the love and support also.

Have you got any exciting plans, new campaigns, investments?

Keep pushing with more challenges and hopefully a chilli eating competition or two.

Other than chilli, what’s your favourite ingredient to work with?

Galangal, Ginger, garlic, kaffir lime, and pretty much all asian spices

What was the last thing you ate that blew your head off?

Nemesis Bar

There’s loads of amazing artisan chilli sauces out there (and some real mass-produced crap), which ones do you like and why?

Small artisan sauces are a lot better with fresh ingredients.

Do you have other flavours or ideas in the pipeline?

We will be working with a few people to hopefully come up with a new confectionery product that no one has done yet..

Briefly, where can we find your product?

Not my products but you can find The Demonic sauce at

Do you visit any chilli festivals? Which chilli event is your favourite?

Would love to get to the Perth Hills for their annual chilli festival.

What advice could you offer someone wanting to make their own sauces?

Take your time. Get plenty of feedback before your finished result.

Has anyone famous ever tried your products, where did it happen and what did they think?

Not yet but hopefully soon..

Quick-fire questions:

Drink of choice? Beer

Fav meal? Chilli pork with holy basil

Fav sauce?  Gods of sauces

Fav Band? Inxs

Fav Chilli? Rocotto

Holiday destination? Thailand

Any other hobbies? Growing chilli

Fav saying/quote/motto?  Aussie Aussie Aussie. Whoop whoop

Food festival or music festival? Tough one hmmm Food festival

Finally, if you could cook for anyone who would it be and what would you make for them?

Gordan Ramsay- Thai curry

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