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Kendall met the industry’s Bright Young Thing Denairio Phelps, 13, to talk about his Hot Sauce.

Denairio Phelps is a 13 year old entrepreneur out of Pontiac Michigan that wants to take the Hot Sauce industry head on and to have his hot sauces in every store from coast to coast. He has been making hot sauce for 2 years and he is ready to take it to the next level. I saw an article about Denairio in the local news and just I had to get in touch and find out what he’s all about. 

His sauce is called Denairio’s Comeback Sauce. I asked him how he got started and how the name came about and I loved his response. He told me it all started when everyone was doing the one chip challenge. He said “I wanted to be the first to make a real hot, hot sauce that people couldn’t take. So I made it and people couldn’t take it like they was drinking milk, taking clothes off and I said Oooh no I want to make hot sauce that people would like. So I made this hot sauce.” Starting with Ghost and Cayenne peppers Denairio made a sauce everyone loved and always came back for more. He wasn’t going to give up and keep coming back with better and better recipes until he had it just the way he wanted. What a perfect name. Denairio’s Comeback Sauce. Family and friends from all across the country keep ordering his sauces and local store owners are contacting him to put it on their shelves. 

Denairio’s mother Semone couldn’t be prouder of her son and all the achievements he has had so far. She is extremely supportive and loves how focused he is on making new flavours and brining his sauces to an entire new level.

Denairio worked hard with a lot of trials and errors and took almost five months before coming up with his first sauce but the overwhelming response has proven to be a hit. Everyone keeps ‘coming back’ for more. As of right now Denairio has three flavours, a Spicy Barbecue, a Sweet and Spicy and a Hot Marinade sauce and Denairio is also working on two special requests, a Spicy Alfredo sauce and a Hot Hot DCS sauce (DCS = Denairios Comeback Sauce) 

We wish the best of luck to Denairio and want to see him succeed. So I’m asking everyone to get involved and help support him on his way. There are a couple things we can all do. Let’s donate to his Go Fund Me to help him reach his goal. Share this article with your friends so you can be a part of his success. If there are any co-packers, hot sauce makers or retailers that would like to help Denairio please reach out and give him a hand to lead him in the right direction to get his sauces on store shelves. At the very least, go to his Facebook page and send him wisdom and words of encouragement. 

See the entire interview here on the Tasting The Heat YouTube channel. 

Please donate to Denairio’s Go Fund Me here 


Contact Denairio here.