Tia Lupita Hot Sauce

TIA LUPITA HOT SAUCE from TIA LUPITA… From a 50 year old family recipe comes a delicious hot sauce that will remind you of an Italian marinara, with its delicate hint of oregano, but it also has a Mexican flavour with red chili pepper and cumin. Even though there are no tomatoes in this sauce, the different flavours blend nicely with garlic, salt, black pepper and a hint of vinegar. Each ingredient keeps it’s distinct taste as you savour the unique flavour of this sauce. It is very bold, but not over powering and the heat lingers nicely without a heavy burn. This is a great sauce to use on any type of foods. I used it on burgers, pizza, wings, and as a dipping sauce.  This sauce blends well in a spaghetti sauce, chilli and mixed with sour cream for a fantastic addition to any Mexican dish like tacos or nachos.  This is a MUST try!

TASTE.. 9 0ut 0f 10
HEAT.. 5 out of 10