Tom Walker (featuring Barnfathers) ‘Spicy Bastard’ Hot Sauce

Well, what a time to be alive for Tom!
Following hot on the cuban heels of his Brit Award, a sensational tour and pop-tastic album smash comes a rock-a-doodle-do Hot Sauce.
If his tunes are mellow, his sauce ‘aint, pod-poppers, because Tom’s teamed up with those crazy guys at Barnfathers to bring us ‘Spicy Bastard’.

Chilli Magazine got hold of a bottle, along with Barnfathers’ other offerings ‘The O. G. Pineapple’ and ‘The Hot 1’.

Check out the Press Release at the end from the producers to find out a bit more about their 3 sauces. Meanwhile, here’s my take on them…

I broke the seal on Spicy Bastard and went straight in. Woohoo! burn baby burn there’s a disco inferno dancing away in here. Its sweet with apple juice and sugar and its hot with a lovely Scotch Bonnet mash up. Encona (original) is the nearest mainstream sauce that I’d liken this to – and that’s not a bad yardstick – but this is sweeter. A nice vivid red colour and good viscosity, pours nicely from the bottle. Time will tell if it tops the chilli charts but it’d certainly top a good pizza, chicken or steak! Smash hit, hot fans.

Taste – 8 out of 10
Heat – 7 out of 10

Next up I chose the O.G. Pineapple. The 150ml bottle unscrewed and the sweet vibes of Pineapple burst out like one of Tom’s hits. For a fruity-based sauce, I actually found Spicy Bastard sweeter than OG. The Pineapple sauce was a tad hotter in my opinion, and a bit more salty/savoury once the sweetness of the fruit dies away.
Don’t get me wrong, the first hit you get is very fruity, tropical, pineapple for sure. Its followed up by the more intense pepper and the whole thing moulds together well in the mouth. I’d have this on gammon every day. It’d go well with eggs, fish and pork too.
Both of these two sauces have a good, useable heat, which is right up my street, hard to beat when they taste so neat. (sorry, got carried away).

Taste – 7 out of 10
Heat – 7.5 out of 10

And so we reach bottle #3. Actually Hot Sauce #1 to give it it’s proper name. Heat-wise I’m expecting this to top Barnfathers charts. The colour is darker, menacing. We get Scotch Bonnet, Chipotle and Paprika in here according to the label.
Pours nicely, there’s a few seedy bits still in there too. The taste on the tongue is nice. Sweet and slightly smokey. Then you swallow, and you get a stark reminder that it’s a hot chilli sauce as it hits the back of your throat. The flavours open up and you get the Scotch Bonnet kick and a more enhanced chipotle smoke. I tried it again. This time I left the sauce sitting deliberately longer on my tongue, waiting for a hit there – but it didn’t come. Instead it teased me into swallowing before letting out its true potency, and not to disappoint, there it was again. It’s a real nice flavour, and for a Scotch Bonnet fan, Barnfarthers Hot Sauce #1 is their number 1. Great heat level for me, good taste balance with sweet, heat and salt combined in a sauce that I’d have on my table to accompany most things I eat.

Taste – 8 out of 10
Heat – 8.5 out of 10

On the whole these are a simple and well balanced trio. They’re suitable for mainstream consumption as opposed to the extreme or novelty marketplace. Give them a go.



Hi! We’re Barnfathers – a hot sauce company started in Hackney Wick by three housemates with a love for hot sauce.


We started with the belief that hot sauces should be more than just hot and sauce, this is the old way of thinking. We make sauces that have flavour, balance, simplicity and heat for everyday use. This is the new heat wave.


Most recently we’ve been working on a light ‘n’ spicy collab with Tom Walker and the result is a really simple crowd-pleaser; a medium-to-hot pepper sauce with Toms secret twist, it goes with everything as far as we can tell. Everything. Nice one Tom.
The sauce can be snapped up on our website, on Toms merch site, and at one of his shows on the merch stand.

This sauce sits with our range of two other sauces. O.G. Pineapple, and Hot 1 Chipotle.

The O.G. Pineapple First in the range and our signature. It’s a mild chilli sauce, made with BBQ’d pineapple, Scotch bonnets and red peppers. It’s sweet, hot and fresh. Great with all things chicken. Stir fries. And on top of pizza (if you’re okay with your pineapple on pizza).

The Hot 1 Customers asked for something hotter, so we made the Hot 1. It’s a smoky medium-to-hot chilli sauce, made with chipotles to give it a rich aromatic flavour. Complex, smoky, and tasty. Made for BBQs in summer, casseroles in winter. And whatever you feel in between.

All of our sauces are vegan friendly and have zero artificial preservatives. Fresh. Tasty. Bangin’.

For Christmas we are selling gift boxes with 1x each of the sauces in.

Any Qs please feel free to ask via our website.