Unholy Trinity

UNHOLY TRINITY from IRAZU VOLCANIC PEPPER SAUCE… Get ready for an explosive taste of three super hot peppers, all blended together to bring an unholy type of heat and flavour that any serious chilli head will love! From the first aroma just opening the bottle you will know that this sauce is going to get hot. REALLY HOT!  Scorpion, Carolina Reaper and Naga Jolokia all come together with salt, vinegar, onion, lemon juice and garlic.  This sauce has real pepper flavour with no extract! You will want to take it slow with this one or mix it with ranch dressing, ketchup or cream cheese to enjoy its intense pepper flavour or be brave and pour it on, either way your going to get the full amount of trinity! Great on all types of foods from eggs, pizza, ribs, soups, as a dipping sauce or anything you want to fire up.  You can get this sauce from HOT SAUCE DEPOT and also in the Elijah XTreme three pack. 

TASTE.. 9 out of 10
HEAT.. 9 out of 10