Vicky’s Kitchen Pineapple Chilli Jam

Product Review

This product come in a nicely branded 225g jar.

The gold jar lid pops to reveal a fabulous amber content. It feels like it illuminates your face when opening, like you’d see on the telly when someone opens a treasure chest.

As my spoon whirls through the contents, you see little fleshy nuggets of candied pineapple. There’s a syrup-like conduit holding it all together like nectar.

To taste, it is initially fruity, sticky, then toffee-apple sweet from the golden sugar and lastly the chilli creeps in. There’s not too much potency from the scotch bonnets – instead it’s a balanced, subtle appearance from the pepper.

The label says it would be good with cheese, ham or on toast – I’d totally agree, but add that I’d also use this in desserts and sweet baking , particularly light pastries.

The Pineapple Chilli Jam ticks the vegan and gluten-free boxes too.

Ingredients: fresh pineapple, golden caster sugar, fresh ginger, scotch bonnet, cider vinegar, lime juice.