Vicky’s Kitchen Smoked Scotch Bonnet BBQ Sauce

Product Review

Ingredients: Cherry tomato, smoked onion, smoked garlic, tomato puree, cider vinegar, muscovado sugar, maple syrup, Himalayan salt, smoked scotch bonnets, herbs & spices.

As seen on the ingredients list, there’s a whole lotta smokin’ going on!
For this sauce, these guys smoke their pepper, onion and garlic over birch wood – and so its no surprise what the dominant smell is once you pop the nicely branded 250ml bottle. Smoke.

Compared to many off-the-shelf BBQ sauces, this is more fluid, pourable. Others are artificially gloopy. I prefer mine on the loose side, so this sauce works well for me, personally.

On tasting, that smokiness lasts throughout the consumption, unsurprisingly it’s the first note on the tongue, and lasts till the end. But underneath it is real flavour – that garlic comes right through, its tomato-ey too. For a BBQ sauce this one controls the urge to go too sweet. Again, its how I like it.

The chilli rating on label is ‘3 peppers’ – the same as their potent Hot Caribbean ‘Yellow One’ – but this has much less of a burn than the Yellow One, so don’t be put off trying this. This is definitely more BBQ sauce than chilli sauce – it has an abundance of flavours and layers. Vegans and gluten free’ers can enjoy this too.

This BBQ sauce lends itself to be more of a table sauce than a marinade, and as co-founder Bev told me, there’s a good reason for that. The raw ingredients that make this are strained and the resulting liquid eventually produces this product, so it’s very smooth, without any bits of this or that. However, nothing is wasted – the strained pulp is also retained and with a bit of tweaking it is turned into a bi-product called BBQ Mash Up, which becomes a paste that works much better as a BBQ marinade. So Vicky’s Kitchen has got all the BBQ angles covered!