Voodoo Chile & Spiceworks

By Kendall Stadler

I’m here with an interview I’ve been looking forward to doing for a long time, Thomas Toth from Voodoo Chile hot sauces and Spiceworks.  Thomas has been a friend of mine for many years and has some of the very best spicy food products I’ve had. He is the creator of an entire line of bacon hot sauces and spices. The name Voodoo Chile came from the Jimi Hendrix song voodoo child until it morphed into Voodoo Chile. It all started when a sauce Thomas and his neighbour loved couldn’t be found anymore. So out of desperation Thomas added habanero’s to a variety of tropical fruits and pineapple to re-create the sauce that they had been making for shrimp and it turned into a hot sauce both of them loved. It all started in 1999 when this sauce morphed into one of his best-selling sauces, Psycho Tropic, and from there the adventure began.  He had heard that a bacon hot sauce just wasn’t possible but he definitely wanted to give it a try. So after a year and a half of many failed experiments he came across a combination that made all of his bacon hot sauces possible and I have to say they are awesome. So when the original Godfather of Hot Sauce (Chuck Evans) From Montezuma brand hot sauces said you have something that should be on every store shelves, Thomas went for it and started his hot sauce company. If you haven’t heard of or tried Voodoo Chile brand sauces I have to say it is a must. 

The next step for Thomas was his spices and they are absolutely amazing. The first one that I fell in love with was called Thai Dry. It’s a dried Sriracha type sauce that you can add to any foods to bring that spicy heat and flavour that we all love. Now Thomas has taken his famous bacon sauce and made it into a powdered bacon hot sauce called Powdered Porkus. It’s exactly what it says, a bacon powdered hot sauce. This new spice is added to the Spiceworks line that now has 7 different styles of powdered hot sauces. He also does some amazing beer infused hot sauces. The collaboration between Flying Dog Brewery and Voodoo Chile has been a success with several different sauces incorporating Flying Dog beers. One of my absolute flavour favourites is Pearl Necklace Hot Sauce. Featuring the Pearl Necklace beer from Flying Dog Brewery. Once again if you haven’t tried any of Voodoo Chile’s beer collaborating hot sauces then this is another must.  You can get all of Voodoo Chile’s Spiceworks spices at www.powderedhotsauce.com and to get some of the best bacon or beer hot sauces ever, go to  https://www.porcus.rocks/product-page/porcus-original. Thomas is a character to say the least but he’s one of the best people you can get to know. If you ever get a chance to see him at one of the shows or at a market where he’s selling the Voodoo Chile line of products definitely stop by and say hi.

To see the entire interview go to https://youtu.be/3VKKQjP4ZI4 and get in on the giveaway from Voodoo Chile hot sauce.